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A packaging company with difference

Neil Extrulamipack Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pioneers in the manufacture of multilayer A-PET, G-PET, C-PET, PP sheet. We have been in this field for over a decade having established excellent manufacturing and conversion facilities conforming to the requirements of thermoforming and packaging industry. Neil specializes in the conversion of printed & laminated, barrier grade flexible packaging materials using proven state of the art technology.

NEIL Extrulamipack Pvt Ltd. provides Anti-static products, UV –Ray protectors, heat and water resistant, sealable PET sheet and A–PET sheet which is required for safe and efficient packaging solutions to electronic products and hardware components and consumables, electronic accessories, microprocessors, mobile phones, industrial motor’s, electronic spare parts etc. Neil also manufactures and markets aluminium laminates for high barrier electronic packaging.


A-PET Sheets (Amorphous - Polyethylene terephthalate)

A-PET is an extremely effective barrier against oxygen, water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. It is an extremely tough material with good impact strength. Usage of A-PET is recyclable and eco-friendly for packaging. It leads to faster thermoforming cycle time and less consumption of energy.

The cost of A-PET sheet packaging is competitive with an extra leverage to PVC and other packaging material. The innovative trends and applications in the A-PET packaging are the preferences of global world.

Neil reinvents itself to become an innovative partner and offers unique packaging solutions.

To attain this goal we follow the dictum of close customer relationship, accurate interpretation of market trends, extensive technical know-how, and an efficient production plant.

Our Approach is clear

Neil works with well-designed, high-quality packaging material, and our production takes account of the high standards of hygiene expected by the electronic industry. We exhibit and maintain our uniform approach to customer’s requirement, packaging, production, the working environment & society.

Our motto: “Safe Pack Neil Pack ” that cares.

It pays to think differently

At Neil, we keep our mind open to new vistas & approaches that pay off both for our customers & ourselves. The aim is to continuously develop packaging that in form and function supports & strengthens our customers’ products. We believe that packaging must actively contribute to making a product the consumer’s preferred choice.



Making choice easier for the consumer

Outside-in thinking

While developing the packaging solutions Neil always keeps in mind the consumer needs & behavior. This ranges from the product’s exposure, purchase and disposal. We call this outside-in thinking and as a continual reminder to focus on the consumer’s need throughout the product development. The aim is to produce packaging that forms part of the modern consumer’s lifestyle.

Consumer trends

Neil is continually scanning the global market and consumer trends as an aid for developing new products. We collect information from all possible media including internal and external trade research, and by regular participation in trend seminars.

We make life easy for the consumer

The more consumer friendly the packaging, the more value it provides to the product.

The value of packaging

Packaging is not just for protecting the product. Packaging is also the face of the product, and the right design and colour can be a deciding factor in consumer choice and product’s success.



We”ll help to make your business soar

Electronic product range

Neil offers a wide range of multiple barriers laminates & packaging solution to the electronic industry.

Intensive development work ensures regular updating and improvement of the range with new material, sealing methods, & designs.

Individual product design

Each product is the sum of the entire value chain. Neil believes that close partnership with all interested parties result in the best packaging solution. When there is a complete understanding of a product’s route to the consumer’s table, we can customize the packaging to meet the demand of production, marketing and the consumer universally.

Sale appeal

Neil has built up an extensive knowledge & practical understanding of the production equipment used within the electronic industry. We draw on this rich experience when we develop packaging. With a wide innovative design, we can offer and develop packaging that raises the product’s profile and exposure at point of sale.

Expert Partner

Neil has the experience & understanding of electronic market. We provide sound advice and service, and can provide customers with expert assistance in their efforts to achieve the best solution in commercial packaging.

Quality & flexibility

All our products have been found trustworthy by our customers, thanks to focused quality control throughout the production process. This control mechanism ensures uniform quality & process reliability for the customer.

Neil has a multifaceted production plant that can quickly be adapted to produce large or small series.


New Features

Know-how and inventiveness shape the packaging of the future

Through innovative approach and products, Neil has consolidated its position as a market leader within the packaging industry.

There are three cornerstone to this strategy:

  • Customer oriented innovation.
  • Information updating on latest technologies, cost control.
  • Ideas’ innovation.


Comparison of PET and PVC

Sr. No





Eco Friendly


Non Eco –Friendly










Gases on Incineration

Non Toxic







Oxygen Transmission Rate




Water Vapor Barrier Properties




Chemical Resistance





1.38 gm/cc

1.36 gm/cc






Energy Consumption




Thermoforming Draw Down Ratio




Thermoforming Cycle Time

Fast Cycle Time

Slow cycle time


Cost / Performance Ratio



Plastic goes natural

Neil is also an ideal and receptive partner when discussing new packaging material. Plastic production is currently in a period of upheaval with new material being frequently developed to challenge conventional products. PET is latest material in plastic packaging, opening up new opportunities for consumers & the retail trade alike.


The ability to come up with new ideas and ensure constant product development is a key driving force in our innovative process. However, inventive ideas do not grow on trees. They emanate from our updated knowledge of consumer trends, material, together with our knowledge of production techniques, packaging methods, and the art of product exposure.

User-friendly functionality

Consumer makes their demands, and we design and produce the solutions that guarantee optimum exposure for their products.


Different customers Universal consistency.

Quality Production

Our uniform quality standard benchmark has been one of the most important parameters for our customers for selecting us as a business partner. Customers demand high operating reliability and satisfactory overall economy in the packaging, logistics, and sales process.

Neil has been working intensively with process & product quality for a decade & continues to do so. The result is high level of customer satisfaction.

Excellent consistent quality requires strict process and quality control in the extrusion, thermoforming, and running in of new type of material. Our quality lab carries out rigorous random checks and more advanced test such as impact resistance.

Assuming responsibility

As Neil manufactures packaging for Electronic products we naturally comply with the same strict standard as the Electronic Industry. Hygiene has become an integral part of the Neil’s Work Culture.

Neil ensures that hygiene level, product safety and quality control are second to none.

Neil guarantees that all responsibilities and authorization in relation to hygiene, product safety, and quality, have been defined. All the risk in production have been identified and checked, and that hygiene and quality checks are regularly documented.

Factory standards are extremely high and constantly maintained. Our quality personnel have high hygiene consciousness.


Next Generation

Multi-dimensional environment

Our philosophy “Safe Pack Neil Pack” that cares, conveys our respect for each other and our surroundings. The environment is one, embracing both our working and the surrounding environment.

Neil is focused on the working environment. We have a workplace that provides the individuals the greatest job efficacy in their daily work.

Good order and structure is the part of our culture and underline our growth. We encourage initiatives that enable everyone to feel a valued part of the company. We invest in our employees by providing them with all relevant training and knowledge about products and markets. The return on this investment is greater employee commitment through enhanced job satisfaction.

Clean production environment

Our environmental concerns are evident from the way in which we pursue product development, and how we organize our production equipment. This presents us with clear objectives for implementing environmental improvements. We want to lead the way with developments that benefit the environment.

Respect for future generations.

Neil energy consumption per produced unit is falling. Moreover, Neil only uses environmentally approved plastic type that enters into nature’s cycle when burnt or composted.


Packaging Solutions for





















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